Certified-Heroku-Architecture-Designer Dumps I only think of certification when I truly feel that I am  almost 80% of my learning journey. Then I  started creating test notes from my study and materials. The first stop starts with the review guide. With my previous mistakes of skipping the exam guide, I now know what to focus on. Then I started the trail mix. Except for the two modules, all other links point to the documentation, so I know I must or need to spend more time there. This is what I did and would recommend to anyone who wants it. The more you know about heroku, the easier it becomes. Certified-Heroku-Architecture-Designer Exam Dumps Give yourself 3-4 weeks of preparation time (remember this is just to prepare for the certification, not your overall learning journey, this may vary from person to person) Center Heroku development is the source of truth for this. Familiarize yourself with this Create a free heroku account for your tutorials You will have to read almost everything about the documentation. Well, I know it's overwhelming, but let's go through the sections. Here's what I did and sort out which is required (green) versus which is required. fewer required areas (yellow) for reading. h Make sure you are familiar with the available getting started guide. This is useful for understanding heroku CLI, related commands and some architectural concepts, specifically scaling. 


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