Bandai Namco is officially chipping away at Tekken 8, the developer announced as part of Tuesday's PlayStation State of Play. Tekken fans have been anxiously awaiting news regarding the eventual fate of the franchise after Bandai Namco dropped a major teaser during EVO 2022. However, hardly any normal an unexpected announcement during a September PlayStation State of Play. Those fans probably will not complain excessively, now that it's clear Tekken 8 will arrive before lengthy.

The Tekken 8 teaser displayed during EVO 2022 didn't offer a lot. The fans were highlighted the screen above the EVO stage where an eight-second video played. The video starts with a clasp from the original Tekken where Kazuya tosses his father, Heihachi, off a precipice and then moves in the direction of the screen and sneers. Just, as the original PlayStation-era Kazuya grinned, he transformed into a cutting edge high-loyalty form of himself. The video then finished with a message reading, "Get Ready."

Tekken fans are hopefully now ready, as the PlayStation State of Play announcement trailer for Tekken 8 let it all out. Captured from a PlayStation 5, the trailer started with an in-motor cinematic standoff among Kazuya and his child, Jin Kazama. The trailer then segues straightforwardly into gameplay with the pair battling on a rough stage, rain pouring down, and crackling lightning in the background. The trailer closes with Jin activating his Demon quality to take an advantage in the battle.


A blog entry from Tekken 8 boss maker Katsuhiro Harada has since confirmed that this grouping is taken from Tekken 8's story mode. It's real-time gameplay running at 60fps on Playstation 5. Harada asks Tekken fans to see the updated character models, how the rain droplets roll off characters' skin, the stage's dynamic weather impacts, and the seamless transitions among gameplay and cinematic prosper. Harada hopes it's clear how Tekken 8 "separates itself" from Tekken 7.

To say that Tekken 8 separates itself from Tekken 7 is a significant under exaggeration. Tekken 7 was originally released on arcade machines in 2015, eventually arriving on PC and consoles in 2017. It's a seven-year-old game. That's not to say Tekken 8 isn't visually great, it absolutely is, but at the same time it's clear this is something other than a generational step in the right direction.

While today's Tekken 8 announcement trailer is certainly more substantial than the teaser shared during EVO 2022, it's also a teaser by its own doing. Harada confirms that while Tekken 8 is in development, it isn't far enough along for Bandai Namco to confirm a release date yet. He asks fans to "wait somewhat longer," which they'll probably find easier now that Tekken 8 gameplay has been shared.