3D IC Market

Industry Insight

The fast-emerging 3D ICs market 2020 is noticing escalated growth, which has been recorded at a CAGR of 17% by Market Research Future after an in-depth study. It has also noted down that the market has high chances to reach a higher valuation by the year 2022, which is being instigated by various factors counting at the world level. Such a growth scene will take place during the years 2016 to 2022, which is stated to be the market’s forecast period. The market will gain maximum prominence during these years.

Top Impacting Factors

The global market for commercial telematics is observing the opportunity of expansion from a series of factors prevailing across the world and affecting the shares accordingly. The foremost factor considered for the market to expand is advancements in electronic products. The main objective of designing 3D ICs is to achieve optimum electrical performance benefits. The global 3D IC market has shown commendable growth for the last few decades and is now likely to nurture at a decent pace in the next coming future.   

With the mounting demand for miniaturization of consumer electronics and communication technology, a 3D IC is being considered as a model solution as it enables the development of high performing microchips with the low-power consumption capability and small form factor. Therefore, transmission, high-speed data processing, enhanced storage capacity, smart and connected devices, and high brightness lighting are some of the critical requirements of modern electronic devices that are considering to be vital motivating factors behind the growth of the 3D IC market.

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On the same note, the development of high-performance networking devices with large storage capacity needs enormous bandwidth. Thus, to manage the bandwidth and memory challenges, companies are adopting 3D IC technology owing to its chip density and high bandwidth benefits. This is yet again an influential factor leading the market to earn more and more valuation in the future. Additionally, the high proliferation of the Internet of Things (IoT) devices and smart connected products, various manufacturers in the 3D IC market are designing and manufacturing the ICs to employ various applications such as Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems (MEMS). The purpose stays to streamline the processes, improve productivity, and reduce chances of sudden failure and prevent downtime. The use of sensors in devices and machines are influencing manufacturers in the 3D IC market to bring more new products, which is also motivating the market to a great extent.

Segmentation of Market: 3D IC

From the viewpoint of segmental analysis, the global 3D IC market is studied among various technology, components, products, and applications.

Segmentation by Technology includes the type (3D stacked ICs and monolithic 3D ICs) and packaging & integration (3D system-in-package (Sip), 2.5D & 3D interposing, 3D wafer-level packaging (WLP), and 3D heterogeneous integration.

Segmentation by Components included through glass vias (TGVs), through-silicon vias (TSVs), and others.

Segmentation by Products has included 3D memory, CMOS image sensors (CIS), MEMS & sensors, and light-emitting diodes.

Segmentation by Application has included consumer electronics, IT/telecommunication, aerospace & defense, industrial, automotive, medical, and others.

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Regional Outlook

From the viewpoint of the region, the global commercial telematics market study is conducted among crucial regions such as North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, and the rest of the world.

Asia-Pacific is leading the global 3D IC market with the largest market share owing to promising demand from the growing consumer electronics market in the region. This is expected to expand with the highest revenue by the year 2022.

Whereas, North America region will also expand as the second-highest market after Asia-Pacific in the forecast period owing to the rising demand for ICs in the U.S. and Canada region.

Top Market Contenders

The well-known market contenders in the global 3D IC are mentioned as Tezzaron Semiconductor Corporation, and BeSang Inc., Xilinx Inc., United Microelectronics Corporation, Monolithic 3D Inc., Intel Corporation, 3M Company, and, IBM Corporation.

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