1.Purchase a kit from a recommended reborn doll parts company. This is the easiest way to complete your first doll. Once you get a feel for the colors and doll making you can experiment with your way of doll making. The kit should contain everything you need to complete the project such as paints, stuffing materials, body, doll limbs, mohair, and the tools to complete the doll.          
2.Wash all the doll parts and let dry thoroughly. Try to find a dish detergent that works well to remove oils and to clean your doll.                                  
Paint veins on the head and anywhere else you'd like veining. Typical areas to find veining would be on the backs of the hands and the bottom of the feet. Look at photos of babies to get a good idea of where to place the veins. Use a very thin paint, almost like watercolor, to paint the veins. Light layers of paint are what is needed to paint a reborn doll.
4.Line a baking sheet or baking tray with a dish towel or tea towel. Place the doll parts onto the towel.
5.Bake the doll parts that have had veins applied. The temperature is usually between 260 to 265 °F for 8 minutes to set the paint.
6.Apply a thin wash of blushing to create a newborn blotchy look. Typical places to blush would include the bottoms of the feet ; in baby creases and across the bridge of the nose and cheeks.
7.Paint the nails and lips Paint the eyelids with fine veining using a script liner brush.Apply the nail tips using a liner brush or toothpick. Use a whitish paint and delicately apply a dab of paint following the curvature of the nail. Bake the doll parts as directed to set the paint.In this way the doll's body is almost complete
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