These are the "Reborn Dolls" made by Abby.She told TIME that "Reborning" is a process in which the artist gradually paints skin on a silicone mold, roots in eyelashes and hair, fills in "bones" and "flesh", and finally splits together the head, body and limbs to look like a baby.As a result, foreign painters are called "reborn"Unlike the cartoon versions, they are more realistic and sometimes even mimic real people.A client came to her Rebirth doll shop to recreate the feeling of holding her son as a child.Her son weighed 6kg 2kg when he was born, so Abby made a 6.8lb doll for her.

Reborn dolls first appeared in the United States in the late 1980s.According to foreign media reports, in 2002, The Reborn Doll Shop has popped up on eBay, a sensation, the birth doll market has expanded.Nowadays, fans of the reborn dolls shop not only spread to the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada and other European and American countries, but also spread to China, where they are popular in a small circle.


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