Stay tuned for the TV adaptation of the novels "Andai Itu Takdirnya 1 & 2" by Siti Rosmizah, which will fill the Megadrama slot on Astro Ria. The series comprises 60 episodes and is directed by Jamal Khan, produced by SR One Sdn Bhd. The drama is led by Shukri Yahaya, who plays Syed Adam Aizril, and Hannah Delisha, who plays Aleya.

Catch "Andai Itu Takdirnya" every Monday to Thursday starting March 6th, 2023, at 10:00 PM exclusively on Astro Ria (104), and it can also be streamed on-demand via the Astro Box and Astro GO app for flexible viewing options.

Sinopsis Novel Andai Itu Takdirnya 1 & 2

Andai Itu Takdirnya is a Malaysian drama that airs on Astro Ria and Astro GO on Monday to Thursday at 10:00 pm. The drama was premiered on March 6, 2023, and has 60 episodes. The show is produced by SR One Sdn Bhd, directed by Jamal Khan, and written by Wan Mahani Wan Hassan and Liza Ali. The drama stars Shukri Yahaya as Syed Aizril, Hannah Delisha as Aleya, Dayang Areeda as Sharifah Emilin, Puteri Sarah Liyana as Umairah, Idzham Ismail as Ikram, and Fahrin Ahmad as Lukman Hakim. The show's theme song is "Andai Itu Takdirnya" by Vanessa Reynauld and "Takdir Cinta Kita" by Asfan Shah & Erin CTJ.

The story of Andai Itu Takdirnya revolves around Aleya, a girl from a humble family, who has a crush on Syed Adam Aizril, a college friend who comes from a wealthy family. Syed Aizril is well-known among women for his looks and charming personality. He has high standards and always looks down on others. Unexpectedly, a turn of events brings Syed Aizril and Aleya together.

Aleya starts her new life as a wife, but unfortunately, Syed Aizril makes her life miserable. Soon after, Syed Aizril is involved in an accident that changes his life, and he regrets all his mistakes towards Aleya. For the sake of love and their children, Aleya accepts Syed Aizril back into her life. They live happily together after facing various challenges in their marriage.

However, Syed Aizril's marriage to Aleya is once again challenged when he falls in love with Sharifah Emilin, who suddenly appears in his life. He forgets his promises to Aleya, and at this point, Aleya's feelings for Syed Aizril have disappeared completely. Her life is now shattered because of his ego. Should Aleya give Syed Aizril another chance?

The show is based on the novel Andai Itu Takdirnya, written by Wan Mahani Wan Hassan. The novel has two volumes, and it tells the story of Aleya, who falls in love with Syed Aizril, a wealthy and arrogant young man. They are brought together after an incident that traps them in a khalwat case. Syed Aizril cannot accept that Aleya set him up, and they are forced to marry in a simple ceremony. Their families are disappointed, but they have to accept the situation. Aleya faces trials in her life with Syed Aizril, but fate determines everything. Syed Aizril is involved in an accident, but can Aleya forgive him?

Syed Aizril and Aleya sailed the ship of life happily together with their children. Eight years of marriage felt so beautiful and sweet. Datin Sharifah Rosnah couldn't accept the fate that was written for her late child. Her heart was still black with deep-seated hatred! Faizal, on the other hand, remained unrepentant in prison. His hatred towards Syed Aizril and Aleya was so profound. His promise! Aleya and Syed Aizril will suffer in life! Sharifah Azreen appeared with a vision to have Syed Aizril's love. The challenges that plagued her life shook this man's heart. He forgot his promise to his wife. Syed Aizril's heart was already full of ego! And that ego eventually destroyed his life. At present, regrets are useless. Aleya's heart is already dead to him! Does Aleya need to turn back to him?

That man has completely shattered her heart! He has violated her! He has betrayed her love! If it is His will, Aleya is willing to accept it.