Notifications play a very important role in telling us about things when we are busy, as it is not possible for us to keep an eye on our mobile devices. 

But what will happen when your notifications are not working? You might not get informed about some messages or other things. Recently many people are facing issues with notifications on snapchat, are you also one of them and wondering why am I not getting snapchat notifications?

If yes, you will find the fixes today in this blog after which you will be able to receive notifications from Snapchat again without any error. 

Ways to fix the notifications not working on snapchat issue – 

Ensure to follow these ways effectively to get the best result and solve the error. 

1. Re login into your snap account after logging out 

You should first log out of your snap account from the application and after waiting for a few minutes you should login again into your snap account with the help of the login details. 

2. Enable push notifications on snap 

To know how to turn on notifications for snapchat you have to enable the push notifications, for which click on the settings button and then on notifications. 

After this under manage notifications you have to turn on the push notifications and press on the done button. 

3. See if snapchat notifications are allowed 

It can be possible that notifications for snapchat are not allowed and for this you have to move to settings followed by notifications and then snapchat app, now turn on the option of allow notifications and fix error of snapchat notifications not working. 

4. Updating snap application

If a snap app is not updated, do it immediately to get the new features which come with the update and also to fix the bugs which have been removed in the new update of the app.