I am sure that if you have posted pictures on Instagram then, you have definitely observed that Instagram often crops your pictures when you post them on the application for them to fit in the resolutions provided on the application however, there are many people who want to know whether it is possible to get the full picture on the application and that is why in the guide, we are going to tell you how to fit whole picture on Instagram so, read all the directions present in the guide with utmost care. 

How Can You Fit an Entire Picture on Instagram?

It is very common for Instagram to crop out full pictures and that is why you can use the simple instructions that we are giving here to know how to fit a full picture on instagram

There is no particular method that people can use on the application however, there is a third-party tool present that allows you to fit your entire picture on the application. You need to use an image resizing tool present on the internet to get full picture instagram in the 1:1 resolution that is used on the application. 

You can use a trusted tool like Kapwing as the website allows you to resize the picture that you want to post on the application in instagram fit. Choose the blank canvas option on the website to change the size of the photo and get it in the resolution that is used on the social media platform. Remember to download the picture from the website once you have made all the changes.