The conversion of the Mini Recharge program is completely reversible as well. So owners don't have to worry about affecting the future value of their cars.
The electrification of classic cars has always been tough.

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On the one hand, there's something to be said for novelty and keeping the driving experience the factory intended. On the other hand, if the car's original powertrain was only available and not something

special like a small V12 or a flat-six, there would be something else. high rpm The conversion to electric power can make a huge difference in how satisfying a vehicle is in modern traffic.That's why we're really excited

about Mini's announcement on Tuesday that it will offer a factory-quality reversible EV conversion for the original Mini, called the Mini Recharged. The Mini experience is all about the chassis and suspension.

The small four-cylinder engine that makes a noise of two digits The fact that the Mini's conversion process doesn't involve any cuts or modifications That leaves car owners worried about the future value of their car can be reverted at any time.