Developed by Smilegate RPG from Seoul, South Korea, Lost Ark is now a Diablo-style game that Western players have been waiting for.

This is the latest ARPG game that includes epic boss battles, detailed character customization options, and a powerful career system. Although Lost Ark launched in South Korea back in 2018, the wildly popular game is finally getting its Western version.

For those already familiar with Diablo and Path of Exile, they might want to give this action game published by Smilegete a try, especially for the many interesting mechanics and unique playstyle it includes. In the meantime, you might be wondering how Lost Ark charges.

Happily, Lost Ark is completely free! It doesn't require a subscription, and if you want to try out this Smilegate ARPG, you don't need to spend a cent!

However, if you want to get a head start in the game and get some extra goodies, the developers also have Lost Ark Founders Packs available for purchase for such players. They are graded from Bronze to Platinum, and each will additionally give players different in-game items and resources.

If you want the best possible start in Lost Ark, be sure to check out the rewards in each Founder's Pack.

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