ZedLike Social Network

ZedLike is a leading online social media platform that allows users to connect, interact and raise funds through their activities online. It is the first user friendly platform that allows users to earn and benefit from their creativity. This was established in March 2020, ZedLike has capabilities to make users dreams come true through their content.


To help people earn money through their content.   

Vision Statement

To help our users place value on the content they post and share with the world.

Core Values

ZedLike's core values comprise “Innovation first, User experience, and Leadership.” These values are important to the company as they keep us focused on our mission and vision statements. They include the following traits:

  1. Innovation
  2. User Experience
  1. Leadership



Zedlike was founded by Edward Mwanjala Computer Software Programmer and Mwenya Chinyanta Computer Programer and Engineer.