1. How do I make money?

posting any content on Zedlike may potentially earn you money when people like your content, validated likes are transferable to your Zedlike linked mobile number.

  1. How can I create an account and connect my mobile account number?
  • By visiting zedlike.com or downloading the Zedlike app on Playstore.
  • Enter the required information on the registration field provided or register using the link with your Facebook account.
  • Accept the terms and conditions and take some final steps to finish your account registration. We advise that you:

Step 1. Uploading your profile picture

Step 2. Update your personal information and

Step 3. Add some friends, comment, post and begin earning money for your creativity.

  1. How do I invite friends from other social platform to like my content?

 Zedlike postings give you an option to share content on multi social media where other people may see the link and join. Remember, the more invites you share, the more friends you make, the more money you can potentially make!

  1. Is it possible for me to create a custom like button with my desired amount defend in likes?

Your account its liked to your desired Mobile Money number where you are going to be receiving your payments.

5. How can I withdraw my likes?

Money goes direct into your mobile money account after a successful transaction, you can withdraw at a mobile money booth.

6 How can a business company benefit from zed like?

The platform allows a company to advertise their product to many people and may also directly sale on the platform.

7. How can I download Zedlike app

Zedlike App can be found free of charge on Google Playstore.

8.What happens if I break the zedlikes policy?

Depending on the severity of the policy regulation broken, your account may be suspended or banned from the social network. You are advised to follow the policy at all times.

9. Can I open a channel on zedlike just to post content?

Yes, you can, Zedlike is a platform for expressing your creativity, and we encourage you to simply post your content on the website.

10. How can a government support local talent?

Governments do have a duty to support local talents. At Zedlike, it is our aim to provide a platform under which government supports local talents by providing information which local content creators ca use to access government support, be it financial or indeed access to available support programs.

11. What is the maximum amount of money I can make on Zedlike?

Zedlike primarily uses mobile money service to reward content creators. The limit of how much money you may make is dictated by the mobile money service providers. As a result, your maximum amount of money is decided by your network provider.

  1. How much does zedlike charge in transferring people fund?

Zedlike takes a commission of 30 percent for most transactions that occur on the platform. We do not have separate charges for any other purchases or financial dealing that occur on the website, unless stated so explicitly.

13. How can someone outside the country benefit?

Zedlike rewards content creators, it does not matter where the content creator is. People outside of the country are still provided with an audience that is eager to hear from them. Additionally, content creators outside of Zambia may still earn money if they do register a mobile money account.

14. How can I contact Zedlike

Should you have any questions, Zedlike has a phone number on contacts which you can WhatsApp and additionally we have and a field where you can send an email and we shall reply to you within 24 hours.

15. How is my personal information safe?

Zedlike gives its people the right to choose who gets to see their personal information, Zedlike will not use or share your information with anyone except as described in our privacy policy.

16. How can I report a fake account?

You can simply go on contact and send us an email at which point we can start our investigation.

17. How can I delete my Zedlike account?

Should you decide for any reason to delete your account, you will have to go under Account, select settings and then proceed to delete account.

18. How can I start a business on zedlike?

The platform gives you a wide range of options and advertising depending on the type of business you want to start.  It is easier to start a business on zedlike than anywhere else, remember, content pays on sedlikes.

19. Who owns zedlike?

Zedlike is a Zambian registered entity under the laws of Zambia, and wholly owned by Zambains, support your local talent!

20. How can I report abusive content?

On every content that has been posted the public is given an option to report that post if its abusive, after investigations the post may be removed in accordance with our terms and community standards.